I help corporate innovators and entrepreneurs

Lead the Future

Tap into the full strength of your head, heart and gut and lead with the same brilliance as you innovate

Your "Big Idea" is a BIG deal

You're the steward of innovation that will positively impact people and our planet for generations.

That's a huge responsibility to shoulder, especially when:

You've got a nagging feeling you're falling short

You're seeing innovation get lost in the din of daily To Do's

You've hit a growth edge as you've broken new ground

Your beautiful mind can

only carry you so far

Whether it's a block, blindspot, or some other "thing" you can't quite identify

Something about the way you've been working just isn't working

You're leading people to places they've never been--a total pioneer.

And when it comes to your innovation and ideas? You've. Got. C.O.N.V.I.C.T.I.O.N.

The problem is, being a leader is hard.

The corporate landscape can be harsh, and it can feel lonely at the leading edge.

I'm a growth coach who helps you tap into the full strength of your head, heart, and gut so your leadership drives leading-edge innovation.

"Linda has an incredible ability to fuel a growth mindset."

She sees and believes in the potential of what others can become. She has accelerated the leadership development of entrepreneurs and innovators by coaching with radical candor and kindness. We are thrilled that she’ll be working with our Earthshot Prize Finalists at this year’s Fellowship Retreat.

Hannah Jones, CEO, The Earthshot Prize

Imagine leading with the same brilliance as you innovate

Doing things differently has driven your success as an innovator.

It's time to explore innovative ways of thinking, being, and showing up as a leader.

Lead with courage & conviction

Inspire leading-edge innovation

Make the impact you envision

Get the form and focus to

Tap into the full strength of all your intelligence centers


Nobody finds the right solutions asking the wrong questions. Get tangible tools to recalibrate your internal compass, and guide yourself to the answers you seek.


Whether you're a "people person" or not, connecting at heart-level is the most overlooked power move any leader can make. Discover your innate ability to connect with yourself and others.


You practically wrote the book on analyzing and executing--anything data-driven and action oriented. But, leading from the frontier requires more--call it intuition, faith, spirit, or soul.

Inspire brilliance in others

"I’m more embodied and tuned into my own intuition."

 I’ve been coached before, and it's focused on how to make more money, or how to show up better as a leader. Linda helped me go even deeper, guiding me on how to tune into what feels right in the moment, and what my body is saying about my experiences and relationships. What’s beautiful is that I have a different way to think about work that doesn’t feel like performing, but really being true to myself.

Aria Safar, Director at Nike's Tech Incubator

You're capable of way more than your mind can imagine